"After my divorce, I was grieving a 16 year marraige in which not massage counseling or even my men's group seemed to make much difference. Nic is a gifted healer and her sessions deeply restorative and nurturing. I am getting my sense of humor and self confidence back. I am beginning to enjoy being my own best friend and feel more joyful and alive than I have been in a long time."      

D.M.  USA  

"I was moving in to a great new place, great location, but it had a really dark energy & seemed really gloomy. After Nic's clearing it was if the very physical light had improved. It was much lighter & had a really great energy. Interestingly while Nic was doing the clearing she mentioned that there seem a build up of negative energy in the wardrobe upstairs. I happened to know (though I hadn't told Nic) the previous drug dealing, drug-taking tenant, had rather oddly used that wardrobe to sleep in. I was amazed by the whole thing & thrilled by results. Thank you Nic!"                                                                                

                                                                                                                           B.Bennet, Auckland
"To be honest, I'm never entirety sure I actuality believe in pervious lives. But I found the Past Life Regression one of the most intense & illuminating experiences I have ever had. I'm still experiencing surprising insights into my current existence. I look forward to doing another Past Life regression in the future."

Brenda Rendall, Auckland

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