You will need to do 2 things as preparation for your LBL session. First you should think about questions you have for yourself in soul state. Also questions for guides or others we may meet. These questions may cover life purpose, relationships, lessons to be learned & key issues. Second a list of the most important people in you life. The number can be 15-20. With a brief description of relationship. If you could type these things so that is easy to read, that would be appreciated. It is advisable that you have had a PLR (Past Life Regression) session before an LBL (LBL is Life Between Life) as this usually achieves a better result.


An LBL session can call on much of your energy for both you & the LBL therapist. It is best if you are well rested before the session. It is important that you allow time for reflection after your session, so try to schedule a day when you do not have to return to work or home to busy activities. Each session is individual in its own way. It is important that you arrive with an open mind & open heart to undertake this soul experience.
These sessions can take 4 hours, please allow some time after for recovery, before you leave for home. You will receive a digital recording on cd, which is made of your session.

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