In your past are the keys to a healthy & empowered future.
Let your subconscious mind lead you to the answers within.

These sessions are the first step towards being able to have a Life Between Life session. These sessions take you back through your life, stopping a few times in childhood at happy or neutral memories & then into womb. The womb is an amazing place where healing & answers to many of your questions can be answered. Then we return to the memories that precede the womb.

I usually let you pick a relevant lifetime that will help you gain some understanding of the life you are living now.  If there is time we may go on to another lifetime.  These sessions are powerful healing tools.
It is good if you have a few questions typed out that we can ask, also a small list of important people who we may find in other lifetimes.

Refraining from stimulants before your session is helpful. Also a light meal before is recommended.

You can expect this session to take around 2 1/2 hours.

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